Steve Norman to visit Spandau Ballet debut Journeys To Glory

Steve Norman Spandau Ballet

Ex-Spandau Ballet saxophonist Steve Norman has reported subtleties of another visit, in festival of the groups debut collection Journeys To Glory.

The visit will take in 14 dates and starts on 8 February 2022 at The Whitty in Wokingham and comes full circle at Glasgows Oran Mor on 25 February.

Norman, joined by his five-piece band The Sleevz (that incorporates his child Jaco on bass), will play out the collection completely interestingly.

Gary Kemp meet

Excursions To Glory incorporates the groups previously hit, To Cut A Long Story Short, and different singles, Musclebound and The Freeze. The show will likewise highlight later Spandau works of art, including True, Gold and Only When You Leave.

However much it torments me that my primary band isn’t as of now a functioning unit, I just can’t allow this significant achievement to sneak past minus any additional grandeur and service, Steve says. Spandau will consistently remain as a cherished memory to me, as will JK, Gary, Tone and Mart.

This visit is me and The Sleevz shaking a scarcely discernible difference between our understanding of the tunes while holding consistent with the respectability of the first forms. Also, eventually and in particular, the crowds ears. Fortunately, Im in the two groups. Sick ensure we dont stray excessively far. Im previously started up and completely anticipating playing out this collection before a live crowd. For half a month in February 2022 myself and The Sleevz, flying the Spandau banner.

Making Spandau Ballets Journeys To Glory

Much to My dismay when I shaped a band with my school friends back in 1976, that we would not just arrive at that Holy Grail of marking a record bargain however that the subsequent record would have a significant influence in addressing and motivating an entirely different age, he says about Spandaus debut collection.

Our kindred influencers of the Blitz swarm in 1979/1980 had started another adolescent development that was presently ejecting out of clubland and undulating out across the globe the New Romantics. Furthermore, my band with Journeys To Glory were not too far off at the front. Our scene was imaginative, lively and amazing. We felt powerful.

The aggregate Blitz kids wave was relentless, and Spandau had every one of the set up groups investigating their shoulders considering what the heck was coming through, and if they ought to be moving far removed. Not too far off, was the point at which our expectations and dreams of things to come at long last emerged. A while ago when the saxophone, my future mark instrument, was only a sparkle in my quiff covered eye.

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