Music As Seductive As Casanova

I just returned from my yoga practice and I was angrier then when I entered. I let my psyche wonder deep down and let sentiments occupy me. Why? Today we paid attention to old style music, which I found diverting. Different occasions, the music of the yoga class has been without song and mood; The beat of the music affected my body cadence. My brain was not still, since I was subliminally following the tune.

I was chiming in Antonioni’s Adagio and Beethoven’s Pathetique. They were sounds and tunes that carried me to an individual spot of recollections of the past, when I was a functioning performer.

How alluring, and controlling music is. It is consistently tangible. The consistent beat of the walks forcing armed forces into battle, to the rowdy sounds to change one’s disposition yet looking for an association, the lazy Latin love melodies and numbers that allure us to adore in any event, briefly, to the listless cadence to move to interface physically, to the bedtime songs to entice a child to rest.

Still in my post-yoga reflecting state, my brain went to The Fez Sacred Music Festival in Morocco, which I aided an investigation, during my doctoral exploration, on the various reactions to music. I recalled how I felt suspended in Fez, paying attention to the Sufi symphony. Since I was unable to chime in with it, I felt especially in the NOW and no close to home recollections surfaced. Non-western music, timed and discordant with rambling sounds; is intended to rise above otherworldliness and genuineness, in endeavors to re-experience the association with the heavenly, instead of endeavoring to create humanly love and individual recollections.

Where words and tunes of the Western world are intended to associate you with your own recollections, music without words, or words we don’t comprehend and songs that we can’t follow or foresee have a more greatness of benevolence. Common music endeavors to create humanly love. The Supreme association in consecrated music is the Collective Unconscious, the Universe. The association in mainstream music is a Personal Unconscious, the joining between two individuals. Where mainstream music endeavors to captivate audience members in the present, sacrosanct music conveys us past it. Past and future are certain as they address the significance of the custom.

With Fez music, I felt associated all around and enormously. Today I couldn’t associate with my internal identity, in light of the fact that the songs occupied me, brought back recollections. I felt enticed by the tune that is a lot of still in my cortex.

As I am composing I am singing to the Pathetique, and it is carrying me to a spot that I truly didn’t pick. I need to feel again the heavenly association that I felt paying attention to the Sufi music. I might want to deliver this sensation in my cortex, and simply be.

Indeed, music resembles the late Casanova. Presently I will require the best music of all, quiet.

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