Kendra Wilkinson: Balancing work and motherhood is hard work

Kendra Wilkinson admits balancing her professional life and motherhood is “hard work”.

The 36-year-old TV star has Alijah, seven, and Hank, 11, with her ex-husband Hank Baskett, and Kendra concedes that she struggles to balance her different responsibilities.

In a clip from ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ – which has been posted by People – she says: “Balancing work and kids is hard work but I’m 36 now, not 19 – the girl you saw dancing around on the tables – anymore. I’m not.

“I have a different mind-frame.”

Kendra explained that, in the long term, she wants to become “a little bit more disciplined”.

She said: “I want to respect myself. I want to love myself. I want to take care of my two kids. I want to be a little bit more disciplined.”

Kendra recently claimed that her confidence came flooding back when she started shooting her new show.

The TV star regained the confidence she needed to start dating again after filming ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’, which explores her experience in the real estate world.

Kendra – whose ex-husband played in the NFL – explained: “The start of my show and the start of filming was [also] the start of my new … journey.

“Everything just started all at once, including the decision to start dating. It just kinda happened.”

Kendra didn’t actually have any plans to return to the dating game. However, her outlook was totally transformed by her new show.

She said: “I needed to do some healing.

“When those cameras turned on – and I was ready to start my new career – all my confidence just came back all at once. I don’t know what happened. It wasn’t ego. It was confidence.”

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