Guitar Bag Buying Guide 2021

It merits requiring some investment to investigate what makes an appropriate guitar case, and what is best for you. In case you are taking your guitar all around the country in a truck then, at that point, you’ll most likely need something somewhat divergent in contrast with somebody who simply needs a case to stroll to rehearse in the downpour once in a while. Our purchasing guide clarifies more with regards to the choices available.

For what reason Do I Need a Waterproof Guitar Case?

Water getting into the gadgets of an electric guitar, or in any event, getting on the body of an acoustic guitar, can have grave effects. It can make the guitar absolutely quit working and require fixes. In the event that the tonewood gets fundamentally harmed, there may be no returning from that. A few guitars have silk completes or other defensive layers, however they’re not actually intended to adapt to huge measures of water.

It very well may be clear that you need a waterproof case. For instance, in case you are the kind of individual who goes busking, or takes your guitar with you for training meetings on the opposite part of town. Notwithstanding, certain individuals don’t take their guitars out that amount. It’s a smart thought to store your guitar securely for a situation even at home. No one can tell when there will be a spillage or dampness may get into the case. It’s not worth facing a challenge.

Hardshell versus Soft Case

There are two principle sorts of guitar cases you need to consider. Hardshell models are typically made out of materials like ABS plastic. These are a decent alternative for preventing the downpour from getting into your guitar case. A hardshell case is clearly heavier. In addition, they probably won’t be as advantageous…

Delicate cases and gig packs give an additional a degree of accommodation. They’re lighter, and regularly have more extra room as external pockets. They likewise will in general have shoulder lashes so you can convey your guitar on your back, opening up your hands. These can in any case be waterproof.

There are too “mixture” styles of case. These are harder than a delicate gig sack, yet they likewise ordinarily accompany shoulder lashes to convey the instrument.

Waterproof Materials

Plastic’s waterproof abilities are clear, yet with regards to texture, you may be contemplating whether there is truly such a mind-bending concept as a waterproof guitar case. Actually a significant number of the texture alternatives are truly adept at shutting out water.

600D (denier) oxford polyester texture is quite often utilized on these. This is a material style material which is firmly wound and rejects water. 600D implies that a solitary strand of texture weighs 600 grams. It’s ordinarily utilized in setting up camp hardware ( and has different uses. It’s extraordinary for anything that should be both solid and waterproof.

The zips may likewise make a statement of shortcoming. This is the manner by which water might get into the case, regardless of whether it has a solid texture plan. The Fender FB405 Multi-Fit Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag is an illustration of an item that has a particular water-safe zip.

Waterproof versus Water-Resistant – How Reliable Are They?

Waterproof models of guitar cases are entirely dependable in most of circumstances. As we’ve referenced in the item surveys segment, most are fit for taking care of downpour or spillages of water or different fluids.

Water-safe models offer somewhat less insurance. These might be made out of texture with a lower denier, for example. They’re actually fine for most blustery days and give you a decent degree of protection from water.

Consider the entire plan of a guitar case, and particularly a milder gigbag rather than a utility case with a hard shell. If you somehow happened to toss it into a pool of water, it’s conceivable that some will get in. There is sewing, a zip, and different compartments that might have some marginally more fragile regions to permit water in. Fortunately, we don’t see numerous submerged gigs. However long you are reasonable with your guitar case then you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Getting the Right Size and Shape

Our rundown of the best waterproof guitar cases incorporates various shapes and sizes, to guarantee that you can pick one that coordinates with your guitar. Acoustic guitars shift long and scale, from around 36″ to 41″ in a “standard” plan. The cases on our rundown cover essentially any shape and size, much longer low register guitars.

You need to likewise contemplate the plan of the guitar. Large numbers of these cases have thick wipe cushioning within, which might fit a specific style of guitar. Take a gander at the distinction between a Gibson SG and a Fender Telecaster and you’ll perceive any reason why each will require its own particular case.

Luckily, makers like Gator Cases offer models that can take into account essentially any shape and size of guitar. The Gator Cases Lightweight Polyfoam Guitar Case is a model that has various alternatives in the reach, which suit various styles of instrument.

Ensuring Your Guitar (and Accessories)

You can’t simply contemplate the waterproof idea of the case. It should be water-safe, yet in addition offer other defensive components. The accompanying components ought to be viewed as when you are purchasing a guitar case:

Does it accommodate your guitar cozily? A lot of open space without cushioning and your guitar will shake around and conceivably get scratched or harmed.

What amount cushioning is inside? Thick cushioning ingests the shock if your guitar gets thumped.

How hard is the outside of the case. Regardless of whether a gig sack or hardshell case, do you think the external shell will forestall harm if something comes into contact with it?

Is there a place of refuge for frill? You may have to convey electrical things like tuners or impacts pedals with you, or even need space for your telephone so you don’t need to take another pack. Ponder whether these will be secured inside the situation, as well.


Give your guitar the insurance it merits. Regardless of whether you need to put resources into a top-quality waterproof guitar case, it’s superior to burning through cash on fixes or a substitution guitar.

There are various waterproof alternatives, from hard cases like the Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case, to delicate and compact gig packs.

The CAHAYA 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag is one of these compact gig packs. It’s incredible incentive for-cash, and ensures both your acoustic guitar and a few embellishments. The waterproof oxford fabric is tough and solid for repulsing water.

For electric guitar, the Gator Cases Lightweight Polyfoam Guitar Case is an extraordinary arrangement. It’s a cross breed model which implies that it has the sturdy insurance of a hard case, however the convenientce and shoulder conveying abilities of a gig sack.

Whatever guitar model you play, and any place you wish to take it, you ought to have the option to protect it from the climate with one of these waterproof guitar cases.

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