5 Terrible Rock Breakups

Despite the fact that awesome music has remained for quite a long time, many groups have separated. To the failure of their fans, these renowned groups didn’t remain to keep rock and roll alive. It’s great that their tunes do live on.

The Beatles

At the point when Japanese craftsman Yoko Ono came into John Lennon’s life, each other Beatle detested her. John additionally became weary of Paul Cartney, and George Harrison understood left. Most fans blame Ono for separating the Beatles, yet others say there was likewise the issue of the Fab Four needing to push ahead to individual melodic professions, and obviously, the demise of their supervisor, Brian Epstein. Their last year together was in 1969. What’s more, everybody continued on with their own melodic vocations.

The Doors

After the demise of Jim Morrison (lead vocals) in 1971, the Doors disbanded a year after the fact. In 2002, Doors of the 21st Century was framed, driven by the Doors’ console player Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger. In 2002, John Densmore, drummer of the Doors sued the band for utilization of the Doors’ name.

Sex Pistols

Sid Vicious, low pitch guitar player of the band, was dependent on heroin, coming about to fierce and capricious conduct. Johnny Rotten, lead performer, couldn’t stomach Vicious’ inefficient conduct. To add to this, the artist continually had irate columns with their administrator, Malcolm McLaren. In 1978, while on visit in California, Rotten announced that he planned to leave the Sex Pistols. The remainder of the band left Rotten “spoiled” in Los Angeles. He had no cash and no boarding pass to return home to England.


In wild design, Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry took the greater part of the spotlight, obviously, being the frontwoman of the band. The other musicians more likely than not felt the pressure developing, since this prompted their disintegration. At their acceptance in the Rock Hall of Fame, Debbie Harry gave her ex-bandmates Nigel Harrison and Frank Infante the brush off, declining to come up the stage to join the remainder of Blondie.

Pink Floyd

Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd’s unique singer) left the band in 1968 because of a dysfunctional behavior brought about by illicit drug use. Roger Waters (bass player and entertainer) additionally leaves in 1985, soon after delivering ‘The Final Cut’. Many consider the collection an independent gig, with different individuals pushed to the sidelines. In the long run, in the wake of leaving, he sues the remainder of the band for utilization of Pink Floyd name.

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